“I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer,

who puts back into the soil what he takes out.” 
― Paul Newman

Our Goal

Imagine full sustainability.

100% self-sustainability for any business is darn near impossible, but we have a goal of being 90% sustainable. This is a far reaching goal that drives our daily decisions as well as our long term strategies. Read below to see what we are doing about it. 


We're solar powered baby! 

While we are tied to the grid, nearly all of our power is generated from solar energy. We are piloting a small hydro electric generator that leverages the current in Cottonwood Creek as well. Our goal is to generate 100% of our energy needs on site by 2022. This will require more solar panels as well as battery storage. 


You gonna throw that away? 

All of our food scraps are composted, fed to our livestock, or tossed into our biodigester to turn into natural gas. 

We do not purchase anything with packaging that is not recyclable, and our recycling bin stays very full. 

No Plastic

We are a part of the solution. 

You won't find any plastic water bottles around here. In fact, you won't find any consumer plastic products at all! Instead, we use ceramic, glass and stainless dish ware as well as metal utensils. 

Sure, behind the scenes, some of the packaging we need for our purchased goods are plastic, but we only purchase recyclable packaging that we recycle. 


Say goodby to fossil fuels. 

90% of all the fuel we cook with is derived from wood that has been responsibly harvested from dead or diseased trees. 

We do use some propane for our kitchen and for heating, but our biodigester system we are designing will create a portion of this fuel on site and we look to grow this system as we continue to develop our beautiful farm


We grow it or buy it from our neighbors.

We produce a lot of food in our gardens, greenhouse and orchard. We work hard to adjust our menus to adapt to the seasonality of our food production. When we need ingredients that we don't have available, we work with local food artists in the Gallatin Valley to fill in, especially when it comes to organic meat and artisan cheeses.  

13624 S. Cottonwood Rd

Bozeman, Montana 59718


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