Summer Field Kitchen

Season: June - October

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." 

― Mahatma Gandhi

Unmatched Outdoor Dining

When you can't stand to sit inside on a beautiful day. 

When the snow melts and the beautiful Montana summer begins to reveal itself, so does our seasonal beer garden. Surrounded by mountains and trees alongside Cottonwood Creek, there couldn't be a better place to relax with your family & friends.

Sit back and relax as delicious organic food grown mostly on our property is transformed before your eyes in our wood fired oven. Come experience an authentic meal in an incredible setting. 

Creekside Patio

Reconnecting with nature, in style.

No need to run off after your meal... come sit a spell next to the creek or near one of our patio fires. Visiting Bodhi makes you want to slow down and take in all that nature has to share with you. 

Cooking With Fire

Firing up the farm-fresh goodies.

It's no secret that we love fire. We love the texture and taste it adds to our garden fresh food. Whether it be a pizza or any of our Chef's creations, most of our meals are cooked in a wood fired oven or over an open flame.

Farm Fresh Food

Dine on the property where you food was grown.

Farm-to-table is a great trend, but if you want to see where your food came from while munching on it, we invite you to experience Bodhi. We produce the majority of our food on property and occasionally will lean on our friends and farmers in the Gallatin Valley to provide the finest ingredients available. 

Full Garden Bar

A different kind of Montana bar... 

We offer a fully stocked liquor bar, but only with booze distilled in the beautiful state of Montana. Our large selection of craft beer was brewed right here in Bozeman. For wine we look to our nearby friends in Washington & Oregon.

While you won't find mass marketed mixers here, you will find that our garden juice cocktails are nothing short of a party in your mouth. Come visit & check out a different kind of Montana bar... 


Our seasonal menu changes and flows with our harvests and what's in season. The below menu items are on our daily menu that always guide us, but we are creative folk and come up with some pretty delicious, fresh conceptions too. 



Carrot Apple  $9

Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Turmeric, Cucumber. Our most popular juice on the menu, it's Montan-amazing. 


Plum Good  $9

Plum, Apple, Honey. We thought we’d invite our bees along for this one. 


Pear It Up  $9

Carrot, Pear, Beet, Spinach. If you haven't tried this one, then well, you’re just missing out. 


Frescas  $4

Freshly picked fruit blended with ice and water. Enjoy seasonal selections, including: cucumber, mint, melon, strawberries and plum. 


Home-brewed Sun Tea  $2

Yeah, that’s right. We brew it all right here in our own back yard.


Arctic Kiwi   $9

Do you know you can grow kiwis in Montana? We do. Add some apple and a splash of kale & mint to top this one off. 


Mountain Berry Love  $9

Love is in the air with seasonal berries (raspberry, huckleberry, blackberry, strawberry), beets, yogurt, honey.

Green Machine  $9

A wonderful medley of kale or spinach, cucumber and arctic kiwi.


Flathead Cherry  $9

Flathead cherries from the shores of beautiful Flathead lake, flax seed, yogurt, honey.

Wheatgrass Shot  $3

Take a shot of nature’s most effective healer containing all minerals known to man. Seriously. 



Spa Martini  $12

Local vodka with cucumber mint and a lavender ice cube.


Montana Mojito  $10

Local rum with local honey & muddled mint.

Huckleberry or Cherry Mule  $9

Local huckleberries picked from the mountains of Montana, cherry vodka, ginger beer and fresh mint. 


Sangria   $9

Yeah I love that sangria wine when I’m drinking with old friends of mine. White wine infused with garden fruit.


Garden Mary  $12

Our secret recipe of tomato water and beet juice topped with pickled goodies, bacon and a leaf of kale on top.


Bloody Beer  $5

Our own Bloody Mary mix from the garden with a local beer of your choice and a pickled cucumber on top.



Locally Brewed Beer Selection (see daily beer menu).   


Almost all of the produce is grown on site, offering you the freshest ingredients from our farm over to your table!   If we have to bring it in, we use locally sourced goodies.  Let's keep it local, folks!




Seasonal Veggies with Dipping Sauces (GF / V)   $6

We freshly pick and handful of fresh veggies, rinse them off, chop them up and bring it to you with an aoili dip and homemade ranch.

Burrata and Veggies (GF / V)   $9

Roasted veggies alongside burratta drizzled with a homemade chimichurri sauce. So simple and flavorful.


Wood-Fired Bread Loves Provoleta (V)   $10

Fresh out of the oak fired oven, our bread is served on a skillet of bubbling hot provolone cheese and fresh chimichurri sauce.


Charcuterie Board   $14

A variety of locally sourced meats paired with a few cheeses, crostini bread and apple slices. Yum.


Yellowstone Caviar  (GF)   $150/oz 

Some of the worlds best caviar comes from the paddlefish in the Yellowstone River. Complete with hardboiled eggs, onions and more.




Asian (GF)   $12

Bok choy, cabbage, carrots, and bell peppers tossed in a lovely ginger tamari sauce topped with fresh cilantro and sesame seeds. 


Cobb (GF)   $12

Hard boiled Bodhi Farm eggs along with locally sourced pork belly and other seasonal goodies served with our ranch dressing.

House  (GF / V)   $5 / $10

A fresh, simple house salad of greens, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes topped with honey vinaigrette dressing. Boom. 


Kale Caesar (V)   $5 / $10

Kale massaged with oil, then combined with our homemade Caesar dressing and fire roasted croutons. 



Magical Margherita  $13

You can’t go wrong with this classic. Fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella made in house sprinkled with basil grown on property.  


Fresh Veggie    $16

Pick from our daily veggie selections like broccoli, mushroom, onion, roasted garlic, squash, corn and kale to make your perfect pie. 


Lamb-Tastic    $17

Locally sourced smoked lamb sausage along with onions, peppers and fresh arugula from our gardens. 


Pollo Pesto    $17

Locally sourced smoked chicken with spinach, garlic and onions all sitting on top of a bed of pesto sauce. 


Montana Mostarda  $18

Our signature pizza features our house made huckleberry mostarda and mozzarella cheese and topped with a heaping serving prosciutto and arugula.


Bison Supreme     $18

Locally sourced bison pepperoni, onions, roasted garlic, and other veggies from our garden. Bring your appetite. 


*Add a farm egg on top of anything for $2

*Add crispy pork belly on top of anything for $4



Soup du Jour   $5/ $9

What’s the soup du jour? It’s the soup of the day. 


Tomato Basil (Summer) (GF)   $5/ $9

This classic combination comes to life with our farm fresh ingredients to create this signature dish. 


Veggie Stew (Summer) (GF/DF)   $5/ $9

We take the freshest veggies from the garden and let them dance together in our homemade broth to bring you this vegan delight.  

Venison Stew (Winter) (GF)   $5/ $9

Warm your bones with this delicious medley of local venison and veggies, then topped with locally made cheddar cheese. 


Potato Leek  (Winter) (GF/DF)   $5 / $9

A delicious potato leek soup with no dairy! You would never know, it's so filling and full of flavor. Topped with cheese & croutons by request.


All sandwiches below (other than the  HUGE skirt steak sandwich)

come with a choice of side: fries, soup, house or ceasar salad. 


Grilled Veg Head   $10

Ciabatta bread, grilled veggies from the garden, homemade pesto, melted provolone cheese.  (Add grilled chicken for $2)


Brat Sandwich   $12

Pick your brat (Chorizo, Elk, Turkey, Veggie) served in a baguette with your choice of grilled onions, tomatoes, butter lettuce, cheese. 

Gouda Grilled Cheese   $12

Sourdough bread, gooey gouda cheese, caramelized onions, prosciutto and roasted tomatoes. Yes, it’s as gouda as it sounds. 


Italian Stallion   $12

Baguette bread, salametti, arugula, house made mozzarella & an olive oil tapenade. 

Hot ‘N Crunchy Trout Tacos (GF)   $12         

Local Montana trout fried in corn flakes & almonds, wrapped in fresh corn tortillas and covered in a sweet pear-jalapeño salsa. The best!

Bodhi Burger   $15

A bison patty grilled to your liking, served on a potato bun, with your choice of grilled onions, tomatoes, butter lettuce, cheese. 

Skirt Steak Sandwich   $17

Slowly grilled bison skirt steak, over medium egg, provolone, mayo & chimichurri on a baguette. No sides here… be careful you.


From our wood fired grill, cooked right in front of you;

served with chapa bread & homemade chimichurri.



Elk Chop (1/2 LB.)   $15.99

Bison Ribeye (1/2 LB.)   $15.99

Bison Strip (1/2 LB.)   $15.99

Bison Skirt Steak (1/2 LB.)   $15.99

Bison Ribs (1/2 slab)   $13.99

Sausage (Whole Link)   $8.99


2) PICK YOUR SIDES $2.49 each


House Salad

Ceasar Salad

Grilled Veggies


Fingerling Potatoes

Grilled Corn

Grilled Onions



We love Montana and want to keep it lookin' this good for future generations.  By using locally sourced foods, you are helping reduce the environmental impact as your food doesn't have to travel very far to reach your plate. Local foods often retain more nutrients & taste better as they don't have to be picked before they are ripe & ready.   Let's help reduce our carbon footprint & enjoy a fresh, more nutritious meal by supporting local farms and ranches.

13624 S. Cottonwood Rd

Bozeman, Montana 59718


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