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Ice Climbing

Season: December - March

“The only good reason to climb is to improve yourself.”

– Yvon Chouinard" 


Hyalite Canyon

Minutes Away From Bodhi Farms

With over 150 ice routes in less than 3 square miles, Hyalite Canyon represents the most concentrated, natural ice climbing venue in North America. Hyalite Canyon also features some very high quality and popular gneiss rock climbing lower in the canyon at Practice Rock and Crocodile Rock, with a lesser visited volcanic area higher up in the canyon on the Magic Wall, among many other smaller obscure crags.

Home to all-time classics like "Cleopatra's Needle," "Black Magic," "Mummy Cooler," "Winter Dance," one of the top ten routes in the world (yes I said world), Hyalite is unique in every sense of that word.Depending on the occasion, we offer a larger sleigh for groups and a smaller sleigh for a smaller, more intimate experience. 

Ice Festival

An annual tradition

There's no better way to celebrate the love of ice climbing then participating in Bozeman's Ice Festival which offers multiple events, clinics, and in town events. 


Founded in May 2018 by long time Festival Director Joe Josephson, the Ice Climbing Alliance is dedicated to promoting and preserving access and quality climbing experiences across Montana and the United States.

Bozeman Ice Fest.jpg

Guide Service

Montana Alpine Guides

Montana Alpine Guides offers rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, avalanche education, and backpacking trips all over the globe. Based in Bozeman, they have operated under their permits since 1985.

If you are looking for a professional guided tour on local ice, these are the guys to call. 

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