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The Bodhi Farm Club

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

- Liberty Hyde Bailey

Join The Club!

We are excited to invite community members, individuals and families to join our local volunteer group that wants to get their hands dirty on our organic farm where we will connect, learn, grow, and eat! Bodhi Farms is located just a few miles south of downtown Bozeman with several acres of organic gardens and edible forests.  Our vision is to create an experience for those of all ages to learn more about gardening, dig in and get a little dirty, and take home fresh, healthy foods that you helped grow. No farm or gardening experience is necessary!


Joining the Bodhi Farm Club is free and easy. Simply fill out the form below. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Once you have joined, you will be added to the group email list where we will keep you in the loop on all farm activities and tasks so you can join us when it best suits you. There is a simple liability waiver we will ask you to complete on or before your first visit. For more details, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions via email!



Here's a brief overview of how we are structuring the 2023 summer here at Bodhi Farms:


  • Shifts: Wednesday - Sunday Mornings (9:00am-11:00am)

  • 2 “spots” per shift (a “spot” can be parent/guardian and 2 kids)

  • Sign up for as many shifts as you would like

  • Required to commit to at least 1 shift per week from June-September to be a (exceptions for vacations, family events, personal health etc..)

Projects and tasks will change daily, weekly and monthly throughout the summer & fall.  You’ll check in for your shift at the front desk and report to the greenhouse (home base) to see your daily list of tasks. You’ll be working directly with the Farm Manager & Farm Hand to complete the daily task list. Examples of volunteer tasks include (but is not limited to): 


Early summer:

  • Building a greens washer

  • Planting seeds & transplanting crops into the field

  • Cover crop planting 

  • Planting trees & shrubs

  • Feed & care for livestock

  • Constructing fences

  • Installing irrigation systems/sprinklers

  • Harvesting & washing spring crops (greens, radish, herbs)

  • Ability to participate in Farmers Markets

  • Building planter boxes


Mid summer:

  • Plant secessions of various crops

  • Weeding/pruning

  • Cover crop termination & planting

  • Feed & care for livestock

  • Ability to participate in farmers markets

  • Clear fields of crop materials

  • Store greenhouse & farm equipment for winter


End of Summer/Fall:

  • Harvest, wash & store produce

  • Terminate summer cover crops and seed fall/winter cover crops

  • Feed & care for livestock

  • Pest ID and management

  • Ability to participate in farmers market

  • Clear fields of crop materials

  • Store greenhouse for winter



  • Get to hang outside in a beautiful location

  • Meet and work with a ton of great people

  • Learn about a variety of different topics including: land management, farming, gardening, livestock care, permaculture practices, basic carpentry skills and homesteading practices

  • Great exercise

  • Satisfaction with one’s work

  • Take home a small piece of the farm's bounty (as available) after each shift

  • Opportunity to take on roles of responsibility

  • Opportunity to participate in educational workshops


  • Gear. When you come out, please bring a water bottle, snacks and appropriate shoes, clothing, work gloves, sunscreen, and a hat. 

  • Children. We love to have kids volunteer in the gardens!  Children are welcome with parental supervision.  

  • Animals. Please no dogs or other animals.

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Thanks for joining the club! We will be in touch with you shortly.

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