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Community Events

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature,

he finds it attached to the rest of the world." 

― John Muir


In Lieu of Our Regularly Scheduled Dinners January - March...

Farm dinners January through March will be a little different this year. And we couldn't be more excited!  At Bodhi Farms, we not only support our local food industry by being customers of the awesome farms and ranches around us, but we also seek to educate our community on Montana's local food systems. This winter, we will be hosting several dinner events in our Local Food Advocate Dinner Series where we will showcase local food producers and learn from their perspectives on the health of our local food network. Guests will be able to meet, learn from, and dine with our local producers, over a family style meal featuring their fresh ingredients. Enjoy a gourmet 3-5 course family style dinner with talks from each of our guests as well as our Chef Alex Hrabowski and our Farm Manager Cameron Gustafson.  Scroll below for tickets as well as info & tickets to our Winter Fest!

Upcoming Events

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