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Horseback Riding

Season: Spring - Fall 

"Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere."

– Emma Smith

jakes horses montana.jpg

Trail Rides

Get in the backcountry. 

There are few experiences more authentic and primative as riding in the wilds of the rocky mountains on horseback. We recommend the folks over at Jake's horses to explore the trails in and around Big Sky. They have a wide variety of trails and rides to suit the tenderest tenderfoot or the most experienced rider - from an hour to a week or more.  Photo: Jake's Horses

Pack Trips

Cowboy camping. 

Want to get deep into the backcountry with lots of equipment without having to carry anything? Want to park it next to untouched trout filled mountain lakes and streams? Then consider a horseback pack trip. We recommend Jake's Horses who offers pack trips in Yellowstone National Park or the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area. These tent camping trips are great fun for anyone that love the outdoors and enjoys roughing it. They provide horses, tents, guides, the cook, 3 great meals a day, experience, fun and the great outdoors! Photo

Pack Trips Montana.jpg
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