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Bozeman Hiking

Season: Spring - Fall 

"Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it."

– Norman Maclean

Hyalite Waterfall .jpg

Bozeman Trails

Too many trails to hike them all

We couldn't possibly list all of the great hiking trails around Bozeman so we aren't going to. What trails are the best? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in a hike. An easy stroll up Sourdough maybe or are you looking to summit Blackmore? In either case, click on the button below to learn about the countless trails around here. In the meantime we will list three great hikes that are a stone's throw from our farm. Remember, you are always in grizzly bear country, have bear spray on hand and know how to use it. Photo: Bozeman Real Estate Group


Cottonwood Canyon

2 Miles from our farm. 

South Cottonwood Canyon Trail is the closest to our farm and is the source of Cottonwood Creek that flows through our property. This trail follows South Cottonwood Creek through a dense old growth forests and fields, zig zagging across the creek along the way. This established trail is great for hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. You gain less than 500 feet in elevation from the trailhead to the popular turnaround spot at the 3rd bridge. The trail journeys on to two other bridges and eventually connects to Hyalite Canyon via the History Rock trail at 6 miles and the Mount Blackmore trail at 8 miles. Photo:

South Cottonwood.jpg
Hyalite Canyon.jpg

Hyalite Creek 

17 Miles from our farm. 

Located just south of Hyalite Reservoir, Hyalite Creek Trail is a fantastic trail and close to our farm. With multiple waterfalls scattered throughout its glacial canyon, this out-and-back trail is a must. The trail runs all the way up to Hyalite Lake–Hyalite Peak is an extra two miles beyond for those interested in a longer journey. This trek is doable for most skill levels, and the scenery and views surrounding the trail is unmatched. Photo:

Lava Lake

18 Miles from our farm. 

The Lava Lake Trail, actually called Cascade Creek trail, begins at the Gallatin River, across from the big pull-out at the 35 MPH Bridge. The rocky trail follows Cascade Creek through thick evergreen forests, meandering past a several waterfalls to a gorgeous tree lined lake surrounded by the majestic Gallatin mountains. The trail is a bit rocky, but nothing too challenging. The rewards of this hike are many and definitely make the trek worthwhile. Photo:

Lava Lake.jpg
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